Cosmedix Remedy

Omega fatty acids and vitamin E are essential for our health. While trying to incorporate omega fatty acids into your diet, it’s also important to help your skin get a good dose of these ingredients. Cosmedix Remedy is an omega-complex treatment rich in antioxidants and also vitamin E. The treatment oil ensures good skin hydration for a radiant look every day.

Remedy can energize and invigorate the skin while preventing trans-epidermal loss of water. Moisture is locked in, and skin is infused with nourishing vitamins. The oil treatment is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. Remedy is the definition of perfect hydration for the skin.

The formula is lightweight, and it is easy to use it in combination with other serums or moisturisers. At the same time, it can be the final step in your beauty routine.

After the first application, your skin will look and feel better and more moisturised.
Remedy contains a luxurious omega-complex, but also antioxidants and vitamin E. It is a body elixir that provides immediate comfort to your skin. Containing Safflower, Grapeseed, and Pomegranate seed oils, the smooth texture of the treatment is ideal for revigorating dull and dry skin.

You can start the day with Remedy as part of your morning routine. Apply a few drops of Remedy and gently massage it onto the face after cleansing and toning the face and after applying your favourite serum. Follow up with your moisturiser or SPF cream. Repeat the same steps in the evening. Keep in mind that you can use the oil treatment on nails, cuticles, and hair too.

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