Cherry Blooms Fibre Lash Mascara

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As Featured in the Press and on the Red Carpet - That’s Cherry Blooms Brush on Eyelash Extensions!
This revolutionary fibre lash extension product was rated by customers as the best one they have tried because of its ability to thicken and extend your natural lashes up to 300%.

There’s No Glue, No Mess, No Fuss, and No Irritation - Just 2 products in 3 simple steps.
The Result: Instant Eyelash Extensions in 60 seconds.

5 Reasons to use Cherry Blooms
Easy to use - Easy application in 60 seconds. Just 2 products in 3 simple steps. No glue, no mess, no fuss and no irritation.

Safely recreate the effect of false eyelashes while leaving behind the costs of harsh glues. Our formula contains all natural non-toxic ingredients making it suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It’s water resistant so it doesn’t smudge or run and is cry proof, laugh proof and sweat proof too. Our natural plant-based fibres don’t fall on your face and can easily be washed off with warm water as the warmth helps to melt and soften the beeswax gel making it easy to wipe away with a cotton ball so there’s no need for oil-based makeup remover.

Our Beeswax is Better
The high potency of our beeswax helps the fibres stick to the lashes and stays put all day without flaking like our competitor’s fibre lashes. Our high grade beeswax also has high moisturising properties acting like a leave-in conditioner for your lashes so it won’t leave you with dry brittle lashes. Our high grade beeswax also stimulates lash growth as a good beeswax helps cells regenerate faster. Our high grade beeswax has antibacterial properties so it doesn’t breed bacteria and has a longer shelf life of 3 years.

Triple Effect
Create depth and definition. Look natural. Increasing length and thickness by up to 300%. Each eyelash extension kit lasts for four months worth.

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