Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter is the season when our skin suffers the most and requires a little extra TLC – luckily there are some great winter skin care products and of course this list of skin care tips for winter!

We all know the feeling of a dry and tight feeling face, and cold and dehydrated hands and feet. Here are a few of our favourite quick and skin care tips for winter and easy, affordable and effective remedies to maintain healthy, glowing skin through the cold!

  1. Keep hydrated – It is vitally important to keep our bodies internally and externally hydrated, especially during the colder months. The cool air lacks moisture and can be extremely dehydrating. Aim to drink 2 litres of water every day. You may also want to use a more nourishing moisturiser if you feel your skin is dry.
  1. Keep using sunscreen - Just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t any less harsh. Many of us stop using sunscreen during winter, which can be a costly mistake with damage from harmful UV rays. Try to aim for a 30+ sunscreen for ultimate protection, however you’ll also find that SPF15+ sunscreen works well for those who don’t venture into the sun much during the day. The ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence works well as a daily moisturisers and SPF protection. It is a light formulation perfect for everyday, without leaving an oily shine often found with sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen is, ironically, one of the most effective skin care tips for winter!
  1. Wear gloves - Our hands are one of the most common areas that tend to dry and crack during winter. By wearing gloves you can protect your hands from harsh winds and weather and maintain hydration.
  1. Use a nourishing night balm - A night balm is a great way to calm and nourish the skin during your sleep. Depending on your skin type, you may opt for a nourishing anti-ageing balm such as the Alpha-H Liquid Laser Balm, or a Hydrating Balm such as the SkinCeuticals Hydra Balm, which will help with maintaining and increasing the skins moisture levels.
  1. Use a humidifier – Heaters and Air Conditioners are often the culprits of dry air in the workplace or at home and the bane of skin care in winter! By hooking up a humidifier in your home or office, you’ll find that your skin and eyes will thank you for it.
  1. Opt out of Peels – Stay away from treatments and products that strip the skin. These include treatments and products such as peels, alcohol based toners and masks. Instead opt for more nourishing cleansers such as milk cleansers, or cleansing balms. You may also find that clay based masks can draw out too much moisture, and instead you need a moisture quenching style mask.
  1. Ban Long and Hot Baths – Bathing or showering in hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which leads to loss of moisture. This has even greater impact in winter when the skin is struggling to maintain hydration. Instead, opt for shorter, less hot showers and follow them up with a nourishing body moisturiser.
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