Why use a serum?

Your moisturiser does the job, or does it?

The difference between a good quality moisturiser and a serum is huge. We explore the differences and explain why you need one in your beauty cabinet!

A serum different because it is a highly concentrated formula, often containing elevated levels of active ingredients to help achieve results. However, your moisturiser probably contains a lower concentration of around 5-10% (totally dependent on which moisturiser, but generally speaking). Unlike moisturisers, serums contain up to a staggering 70% of hard working beneficial actives, giving you that boost you’ve been looking for.

The term ‘active ingredients’ means that the ingredient is able to actively make changes to the skin. For example, Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the human body’s cell construction, however when we introduce hyaluronic acid artificially through a serum or cream we are able to give the cells a boost. Cells are able to maintain moisture levels much higher than before which delivers anti-ageing results such as fine line reduction.

A daily serum is vital and should be part of your daily regimen.

We often have clients ask whether it is more effective for them to take a supplement rather that use a serum or booster. Our bodies use the vitamins and minerals we consume in food and beverage to help function and strengthen our organs, however very little of what we consume orally is delivered to the top layers of our skin. It’s important to look after your skin from the inside & outside, which is where good skincare comes in!

Boosters & serums can be used in a variety of formulations and due to their rapid absorbing nature they are pretty much perfect for all skin types, even those with very oily skin.

Explore our range of serums, boosters and treatments!

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