Sleeping as part of our beauty regimen is probably the closest that you will ever get to a fountain of youth. While you are sleeping your body works to repair itself, which means that the key is to get a solid 7-9 hours of quality shut eye every evening. But what if your skincare could work with your body’s natural repair and rejuvenation process to achieve supercharged results?

Introducing the new Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel…

Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel


Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel w/ 0.5% Retinol

This nighttime beauty treatment is Alpha-H’s newest and most exciting innovation. Hidden away in the pretty pale lilac bottle is a dual resurfacing treatment and anti-ageing restorative. The way this peel works is by using a combination of Glycolic Acid 14%, Retinol 0.5%, Chronodyn, Hydranov-P and Axolight to boost collagen and stimulate cellular renewal whilst helping to reduce sun-induced ageing, scarring, acne and wrinkles. By applying the Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel twice a week you will notice a clearer and brighter complexion, reduced sun damage and pigmentation, dissipation of fine lines and wrinkles, and boosted hydration – all this, while you were sleeping! Shop Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel online at Alive Skin + Hair.