Which Hair Straightener Should I Use?

Unsure about which hair straightener you should use? Then, check out Cloud Nine’s range of hair straighteners today…

Cloud Nine revolutionised the hair industry in 2009 with their range of sleek and innovative stylers. Among many great features, my personal favourite is the temperature settings they offer on most products. The temperature control gives you the power to select a heat setting depending on your hair type – so you no longer have to worry about hair damage (as long as you keep it on a low setting)!

So, which Cloud Nine hair straightener should you use?

The Original Iron
Perfect for mid to long length hair and suits all hair types. It’s the perfect tool for straightening and creating curls and waves. It features five temperature settings to give you maximum styling control and flexibility.


The Micro Iron
At just over 15cm, this little Cloud Nine straightener is perfect for travelling. It works great on shorter hairstyles and is perfect for styling fringes and roots. You can also create timeless flicks and retro-inspired pin curls easily with this baby. It heats to 150 degrees, so it’s hot enough to style but also, kind to the hair.

The Wide Iron
This iron caters for thick hair, rather than long hair. It’ll reduce the amount of passes you do through your hair while straightening. If you like creating curls, this one’s great for creating large and bouncy curls. It also has five temperature settings, giving you maximum styling control and flexibility.


The Touch Iron
Are you a busy person who just doesn’t have time to wait for your hair straightener to heat up? Are you constantly forgetting to turn your straightener off? Well, let me introduce to you the world’s first automatic iron. That’s right, this Cloud Nine hair straightener has no On/Off switch, but instead, automatically turns on when in contact with your hair and turns off when not in contact with your hair! Pretty amazing, right? It also has two temperature settings to cater to your styling needs.

Cloud Nine Touch

Alive Skin + Hair are authorised Cloud Nine hair straightener stockists. We offer Price Match Guarantees, free express delivery (on orders over $99), easy returns, free samples and so much more. To view our complete Cloud Nine range now, please click here.

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