We’ve all been there and have the occasional slip up when it comes to removing your makeup before bed. Whether you’ve had a late night or purely can’t be bothered, we can let you off with the occasional slip up but if occasional is becoming frequent, you need to read on…A recent study has shown that a third of women questioned admitted to sleeping with their make up on at least twice a week.

Leaving makeup on the skin at night is just asking for trouble. Your skin loves absorbing serums and creams at night and recharging for the next day. So if you’ve left make-up on your face you can be sure that your skin is going to absorb it into your pores leaving you with clogged, blemished and overall dull skin. Scared yet?

If blemishes don’t scare you, how about premature ageing? The long-term effect of leaving makeup overnight is premature ageing due to the breakdown of collagen caused by the pollutants left on your skin. By not taking off before going to bed you are encouraging damage to your skin and will cause wrinkles. The make up allows them to cling to your skin which causes the skin’s collagen to break down.

We have you covered!

Make-up removers don’t have to break the bank and depending on what makeup you’re using you may not even need one.

• If you wear heavy make up during the day then you will definitely need a makeup remover and cleanser a to leave the skin beautifully clean.

• If you don’t wear heavy make up but do wear waterproof eye liner/mascaras and eye shadows then you will also need a makeup remover, as most cleansers will struggle to break down eye make-up.

• If you wear only small amounts of makeup or no makeup, we recommend cleansing the face with warm water and a towel or

• alternatively using a cleanser.

A recent article by the Daily Mail details the effects of sleeping in your make up. The journalist conducts an experiment in which she does not remove her make up for a whole month. She is only allowed a splash of water on her face in the morning and has to reapply over the top of whatever is left.