Ultimate Guide to Salon Tan

Get the most out of your salon tan. A solid pre-tan, and post-tan regimen is vital, and here are our top tips.

Before you Tan
Give your skin a thorough exfoliation. Use a quality exfoliation mitt rather than an exfoliation lotion/cream as it will leave no oily residue on the skin that may prevent tan absorption. Waxing or shaving should always be done 24 hours prior to tanning to allow pores time to close.

Choosing your Tan
Choose a tan that has a base that will suit your skin tone or that will absorb into the skin, not just sit on the surface. Tan that absorbs and stains the skin always gives a more natural look and wears off evenly with no large white patches under arms or legs.

Tan Day
Do not wear any perfume, makeup, deodorant or moisturiser on the day of your tan as these will inhibit the absorption. Loose dark clothing should be worn to allow the tan to dry evenly. You can wear as little clothing (we recommend wearing nothing) as you like during a tan. Immediately prior to tanning coat your knees, elbows, hands and feet with a light body moisturiser to stop tan over absorption into these dry areas.

Post Tan
Make sure you know how long your tan takes to process and do not allow any water to touch the tan during this period. Once processed, avoid long baths, spas, swimming, strong body cleansers and exfoliating as these will shorten the life of the tan. Keep skin well moisturised or use a tan extending moisturiser.

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