We all love setting goals and resolutions at the end of each year to improve our health, wellbeing and happiness for the year ahead. However, sometimes these resolutions are not always practical or simply go by the wayside when work and family commitments kick into full swing in the New Year. Maybe it’s a new meal plan, exercise program or for some of us this could be our skincare regime.

We may not be able to help out with your boot camp challenge but we can certainly assist when it comes to achieving a flawless complexion in 2017.  

With a structured home care regime we can create dramatic results with a few simple steps. You just need to know when andhow to make changes.

So let’s start with the basics (and pay attention because this will transform your skin). A results-driven homecare regime incorporates 5 steps.  

Relax, we can already hear you stressing about the time factor. We are here to make it easy for you. Even the busiest of people can adopt these 5 steps, as you do not have to be performing 5 steps every morning or night, it simply means, somewhere throughout the week, you would have these 5 steps covered.  

For example, a typical morning may include: Cleansing, Hydrating then Protecting the skin (3 steps). The evening may include: Cleansing, Correcting then Hydrating (3 very simple steps). Then, a few times a week you may add in your Exfoliating step.

Many of us are accustomed to having 3 steps in the skincare regime, but this hasn’t been giving us the flawless and radiant complexion we crave. This is because a few key steps have been overlooked and missed completely.  

Does your regime incorporate all 5 steps? If the answer is no, what have you been missing out? If you’re in need of some extra ‘skinspiration’ to get you ready for the rest of 2017, follow our top 3 skin transformation tips:  

1) Invest in a good quality exfoliant you may not be receiving the full benefit of our skincare products if you have a build-up of dead skin (your correcting serums may be working hard to be absorbed). Exfoliating a few times a week does the trick.  

2) Protect your skin daily from the harmful effects of the sun, wearing a broad spectrum and anti-ageing protector (Age Defence SPF 50+ can be used for this and also doubles as a make-up primer).  

3) Increase the intensity level of your homecare regime. If you have been doing the same thing year in and year out it may be time to consider stepping up. Increasing the intensity level (especially corrector serums) can create dramatic changes to the skin tone.

Start your 2017 with not only great intentions but also with a new, results driven skincare regime that will transform your complexion and your confidence.

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