Every wonder why, despite everything you do, your hair just doesn’t cut it? We delve into the holistic approach to looking-good that is taking the beauty world by storm.  


Did you know that the shaft of your hair is made up of 90% protein? For this reason, it is important to ensure your intake of protein can support healthy hair growth and function.

Foods to include: Increase your protein intake by having eggs for breakfast, lentils or chickpeas for lunch and fish, chicken or turkey for dinner.

Our top pick: Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask has a unique formula that is rich in vegetable proteins and will help bring out your hair's inner health, leaving it incredibly moisturised with a brilliant shine. The perfect addition to your Sunday night ritual.  


Your blood supply is rich in iron and zinc, nourishing healthy hair follicles. Keep hair looking and feeling healthy by ensuring you consume enough of these important minerals.

Foods to include: Iron and zinc can be found in red meat, fish, seafood and fortified breakfast cereals. 100g of lean red meat a few times a week will also give you an iron boost.

Our top pick: To compliment your zinc and iron intake, the evo mane attention protein treatment contains behentrimonium methosulfate and wheat proteins to give your hair greater manageability, strengthening of the follicles and overall repair. The super gentle formula is powerful and easy on sensitive scalps.  


For high quality and concentrated doses of omega-3, your best bet is with oily fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. Omega-3 fats work to increase oxygen in blood cells, improving skin, hair and nails. These fatty acids also have numerous other health benefits including benefits to the nervous system, supporting the skin'sskins inflammatory response and maintaining cell integrity.

Foods to include: If you enjoy fish, then stick with the oilier varieties such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines. Keep tinned tuna in your top draw at work or include a couple of salmon slices to your eggs at breakfast. For those who don’t enjoy fish, try flaxseed oil by drizzling a teaspoon or two over your meals.

Our top pick: If you’re not a fan of fishy tastes, or aftertastes for that matter, then you’ll love Miss Vitality Good Oil capsules. Rich in 1000mg of fish oil, these capsules contain high quality and concentrated doses of omega-3.