Thalgo Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation

What do you get when you combine the perfect blend of colour and Thalgo's anti-ageing expertise? The Silicium foundation provides ideal skintone correction for a natural looking result in every light.

It all comes down to the Marine Silicium that is packed into these beautiful frosted glass bottles. A cell renewal activator, the Marine Silicium helps counter the breakdown of the skin's support fibres while activating new fibre production to boost dermal density and resistance.

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While strengthening your skin, the foundation works to plump out wrinkles from within by using the Marine Silicium to drench Hyaluronic Acid with moisture.

The flawless finish is achieved through super-fine pigments that help neutralise colour flaws in the complexion to recreate ideal light. Light-enhancing powders enable optical correction of wrinkles and other minor flaws in the skin's surface.

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