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  1. February 17, 2020

    The best noninvasive anti-aging skincare solutions

    The best noninvasive anti-aging skincare solutions

    Aging is a complex biologic process that is influenced by both internal and external factors. While aging is a natural process, multiple anti-aging therapies and products were developed over the years to help erase some of the signs of aging or delay their occurrence. If you want to find out how to fight the wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation spots associated with aging, first we need to see when, how and why they occur and what can be done to prevent them by using the best noninvasive anti-aging skincare solutions.

    Why do wrinkles occur?

    We all know what wrinkles look like – these are the lines or folds in the skin that forms as we age. Some wrinkles tend to get more in-depth with time, such as the ones around the eyes, mouth, and neck area. Wrinkles occur due to various factors, and it is only a few of them that we can control. As we age, the skin becomes less elastic a

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  2. February 10, 2020

    Top 5 makeup trends for 2020

    Top 5 makeup trends for 2020

    The fashion trends for 2020 are daring and so creative! It's only natural for the makeup trends for this year to exude boldness and courage with a touch of impudence. We've seen the red lipstick on the runway of many fashion shows, so it is making a come-back in style this year. Golden, glitter and smokey are key words for the makeup trends for 2020. So, it's about time to embrace your inner diva and let her shine this year! Here are the top 5 makeup trends for 2020:

    1. Glitter & golden for eye makeup

    This year you should give metallic textures a try, as well as embrace glitter and golden for eye makeup. Graphic designs with different colour eyeliner (different textures too) are very fashionable this season, so let your imagination guide you. Golden is a colour no longer reserved for dressy attire, and now you can wear it pretty much anywhere as it is undoubtedly the colour of the year in

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  3. February 03, 2020

    What’s hot – eyebrow trends for 2020

    What’s hot – eyebrow trends for 2020

    If you ask a makeup artist about the hot trends for eyebrows, a good one will recommend only to wear what looks good on you, whatever the season might be. However, just like fashion and makeup trends, eyebrow trends have changed over the years. From the excessive plucking of the 90s and the pencil-thin, arched eyebrows of the 2000s to Cara Delevigne’s bushy eyebrows, we’ve come a long way. The good news about eyebrow trends for 2020 is that “natural” is the name of the game. With few exceptions (such as the unibrow, still holding strong), it’s easy to have fashionable eyebrows these days. So, what’s hot this year?

    Natural eyebrows: no drama, just care

    Many Hollywood celebrities, as well as beauty influencers, have already embraced the trend of natural eyebrows. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care about your eyebrows at all! A beautiful shape that fits your face well is still important. However,

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  4. December 16, 2019

    Best organic Christmas gifts for her

    Best organic Christmas gifts for her


    Sharing is caring; there is no doubt about this, especially when it comes to that special one in your life. But many times, getting the perfect gift for her doesn’t come very easy. Tastes can vary, and there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to the best Christmas gift for her. However, with a little help, this year, you can find the best organic Christmas gift for her!


    How to get the best Christmas gift for her:

    Here are a few things to consider when looking for the best gift for the special woman in your life. 

    1. Think of her 

    Gifts should be chosen depending on the relationship you have with her and also her age and preferences. For example, if you want to surprise your lover or partner, you can go for more intimate gifts. However, if we are talking about your sister or your mother, y

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  5. December 02, 2019

    The secrets of skin care in summer

    The secrets of skin care in summer


    During summer, it is highly unlikely to have a perfect complexion with no efforts. Most of the time, the skin is oilier or more dehydrated and irritated. There are a few factors to blame for this, and among them, we can mention the UV rays, the heat that often causes an increased production of sebum, dry wind, and even the seawater or the water in the pool. If your skin tends towards dryness, the dehydration that can occur in summer can lead to premature wrinkle occurrence, as well as skin peeling and over sensitive skin. 

    However, there are specific skincare rules for summer that you can follow to get glowing skin and a bright complexion, even when it’s hot outside. 


    Secrets of skin care in summer:

     1. Use moisturising creams with SPF

    When it comes to summer, it doesn’t matter if you are

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  6. November 25, 2019

    3 Anti-aging serums you should try in your 30s

    3 Anti-aging serums you should try in your 30s


    Skincare is what makes all the difference between a dull, prematurely aged skin and a glowing, fresh complexion, whatever your age might be. As you age, your skincare routine becomes more and more important, starting in your 30s when certain skin conditions tend to accentuate, and collagen production starts to decrease. This translates into fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention dull and lacklustre skin. Skin elasticity and glow are associated with a younger age, but we can make this last past your 20s. Our skin specialists advise women to start investing in good quality serums once they get to their 30s. More than this, keeping a healthy and balanced diet, as well as regular facials, can considerably improve the texture of your skin. 

    Of all the skincare products we have available for the skin on your face, the anti-aging serums are probably the most sought-after products. They have

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  7. March 13, 2018

    Aspect Skincare Review: 7 Hot Selling Brand Favourites

    7 Hot Selling Brand Favourites by Aspect Skincare

    Searching for the perfect products to complete your skin routine? Alive Skin and Hair is proud to stock Aspect Skincare, one of Australia’s most talked about skincare and cosmeceuticals brands. Whether you’ve got problematic skin or want to maintain the health and texture of your skin, Aspect Skincare has you covered. With each of Aspect’s specialised products, it’s less about luxury and more about necessity. Backed by science and research, Aspect formulates powerful and high quality skincare products to provide you with real results. Don’t expect an indulgent treatment; expect solutions to your skincare concerns and products that maintain the youthfulness, brightness and clarity of your skin. With products formulated to cater to all skin types and concerns, Aspect has revolutionised skincare by deliverin

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  8. December 23, 2016

    Transform your skin in 2017 with Skinstitut

    We all love setting goals and resolutions at the end of each year to improve our health, wellbeing and happiness for the year ahead. However, sometimes these resolutions are not always practical or simply go by the wayside when work and family commitments kick into full swing in the New Year. Maybe it’s a new meal plan, exercise program or for some of us this could be our skincare regime.

    We may not be able to help out with your boot camp challenge but we can certainly assist when it comes to achieving a flawless complexion in 2017.  

    With a structured home care regime we can create dramatic results with a few simple steps. You just need to know when andhow to make changes.

    So let’s start with the basics (and pay attention because this will transform your skin). A results-driven homecare regime incorporates 5 steps.  

    Relax, we can already hear you stressing about the time factor. We are here to make it easy for you. Even the

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  9. August 14, 2016

    The Hair Reviving Diet for Lustrous Locks

    Every wonder why, despite everything you do, your hair just doesn’t cut it? We delve into the holistic approach to looking-good that is taking the beauty world by storm.  


    Did you know that the shaft of your hair is made up of 90% protein? For this reason, it is important to ensure your intake of protein can support healthy hair growth and function.

    Foods to include: Increase your protein intake by having eggs for breakfast, lentils or chickpeas for lunch and fish, chicken or turkey for dinner.

    Our top pick: Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask has a unique formula that is rich in vegetable proteins and will help bring out your hair's inner health, leaving it incredibly moisturised with a brilliant shine. The perfect addition to your Sunday night ritual.  


    Your blood supply is rich in iron and zinc, nourishing healthy hair folli

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  10. June 23, 2016

    Aspect Review: Fruit Enzyme Mask

    If you’re like me, you would have noticed that ‘enzymes’ seem to be the flavour of the month for both clinic treatments and skincare products. With some enzyme based products reading more like a food label, it is difficult to separate the wood from the trees and work out if these enzyme skincare products actually do work. But, before you read on you should know that enzymes in skincare are NOT a fad, I repeat, this is not fad!

    So what are enzymes anyway? 

    As Shannon from self.com puts it, enzymes are the chemicals that hurry up the rate at which other chemical reactions occur. These enzymes are incredibly useful in biological processes, and are also used in the food industry to speed up the ripening and tenderising process.

    How do enzymes work in skincare? 

    Enzymes have two main functions when used in skincare formulations. Some enzymes such as fruit enzymes work to gently exfoliate the skin. Enzym

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