New Year Beauty Resolutions

Make a New Year resolution that counts!  Start the year with good intentions and follow them through. What better resolutions to make than in your beauty and skincare department?

Clean your mobile phone

Using your mobile phone is a large part of most of our lives, however its constant use can result in nasty bacteria breeding on its surface. Continuing to answer your mobile can allow this bacteria to come in direct contact with your face. These bacteria can not only be harmful to your health, but also increase the likelihood of breakouts. Resolution: Use anti-bacterial wipes to remove bacteria from your phone.

Moisturisers Must Have SPF

You know the benefits of good sun-care, but you still absolutely love your moisturiser - even though it completely lacks an SPF. Get your hands on some Free Skincare Samples and discover your new favourite moisturiser with SPF built-in. You’ll protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays without any extra effort in your morning regimen, plus you’ll be actively protecting yourself from premature ageing. Resolution: Make sure you buy daytime moisturiser with SPF (at least SPF15).

Dare Yourself To Try New Looks

You’ve been rocking the same nude lipstick, subtle eyeshadows and sleek pony to dinner with your girlfriends for a while now, but you’re hesitant to change what you know already looks fabulous. It’s time to start experimenting with the cosmetics that you already have in your beauty cabinet and build from there. You might even like to have your makeup done by a makeup artist to discover your newest look. Resolution: Dare to try new looks with your makeup.

Fly on the wall approach to your skincare

Why do we often find ourselves using the same products for years? Because if it ain’t broke why change? Wrong! Take a fly on the wall approach to your skincare regimen by looking at your skin type and the products you are using. Are they still the best for your skin concerns?  Resolution: Contact us for a consultation or visit your local skin expert to find out what products and ingredients you should be looking at for your regiment to achieve results.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes could be harboring harmful bacteria, especially if you have never properly cleaned them.  Resolution: Clean your makeup brushes every month. Follow our guide to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes.

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