With so many options in foundations, picking one can be a daunting process. We have an easy guide to help you pick the foundation type that is best for your skin.


Liquid foundations are generally best for dry skin types. It is best to go for a moisturising liquid foundation. The Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation contains a powerful deep-sea hydrating complex, which is ideal for those suffering dehydrated skin.

If you have dryer skin but prefer a powder foundation, a low coverage powder is best suited as highly pigmented powders tend to stick to dry skin, making it more obvious. Everybody’s skin has a thin layer of fatty substance that retains moisture and help to keep the skin soft.

If dry skin is ignored it can sometimes develop into swelling and infections or dermatitis, this is where the skin becomes inflamed.

A common error people tend to make when dealing with dry skin is the misuse of moisturiser. Many people who suffer from dry skin will apply their moisturiser whilst their skin is still wet.   Ideally to treat dry skin you should apply your moisturiser whilst the skin is still damp. This will help to contain the moisture in your skin. To do this effectively pat dry your skin using a towel and then apply the product.

In lots of cases the causes of dry skin are due to friction from clothing, harsh soaps and shower gels with unbalanced PH and excessively long hot showers. Of course there are also medical conditions that can cause the various skin conditions that are associated with dry skin.

Dry air is a very common cause of dry skin the risk tends to increase during the winter months. Dry heat omitted from air conditioners during the summer months is also guilty of causing dry skin. Some other care tips for dry skin are covering up with clothes whilst outside and reducing the temperature of heating during the winter. Soaps and face washes with poorly balanced PH should be avoided as they can strip your skin of its natural protective oils. Try to purchase fragrance free, unscented and PH balanced products.

In addition long hot showers or baths can also remove the naturally occurring oils that help keep you skin hydrated soft and supple.



For oilier skin types, mineral powder foundations are best – teamed with an anti shine mattifier, or mattifying powder. Oil free is best, and if you prefer liquid foundations, opt for a light fluid foundation instead.

Try not to use heavy oily foundations to cover your blemishes, as generally they tend to stick to your problem spots and make them appear more obvious. Use a concealer on spots, as they will best disguise them. Oily skin can be hereditary and can be exaggerated in women due to hormones.  

Oily skin can be affected by emotional or physical stresses and it can occur with both male and females. Factors which contribute to oily skin can include the weather, stress, or over scrubbing your face whilst washing.

Glands produce the oil and these particular glands are found in large quantities on the face. In addition to using mineral powder foundations and anti-shine mattifer Steps to improve oily skin include the following:

• Don’t scrub your face too harshly when washing, this can cause inflammation and make the skin even more oily.

• Use different cleansers, try gentle cleansers in the winter and a deep cleaning cleanser in the summer.



A cream foundation is best for red skin as cream foundations generally offer the best coverage. We recommend using the Colorescience Sheer Foundation Cream.

This condition is very common amongst people with very fair skin. If your skin is sensitive you are probably aware how various influences can affect your it. However it is essential to not dismiss initial symptoms. For example if occasional flushes on the face become a regular occurrence it could well become permanent which can lead to a condition known as Rosacea, this is where blood vessels appear on the surface of the skin. It is also possible you could experience a burning or stinging sensation, lumps and pimples could also appear on your face.



Liquid foundations are best type to use for ageing skin as powders tend to settle into creases and wrinkles making them more noticeable. Combining anti-ageing skincare with your foundation is key, and for this we recommend the Thalgo Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation, which comes in Opale, Natural & Amber.

The common signs of ageing skin are the appearance of wrinkles age spots, sagging skin, drying skin. It is a well-known fact that exposure to the sun can accelerate the aging process on your skin.

You can reduce the signs of ageing skin in a number of ways. Limit the amount of exposure to the sun and always use a high factor sun screen whenever spending time outside. Try to wear a hat, sun glasses and loose fitting clothes. Avoid smoking, it has been proven that smoke from cigarettes is a major factor for causing premature skin wrinkling especially around the mouth. Ensure you moisturise on a regular basis. Dry skin wil highlight any fine lines and wrinkles. Be aware of various skin irritants for example soaps that contain perfume, hot showers and swimming pools. Try to use personal hygiene products that are PH balanced.



If you are looking to cover pores, try a matte primer or powder as they work to fill pores and smooth out the skin. Make sure you stay away from luminous foundations with pearlescent flecks as they reflet light, making pores more visible.

This can be a real problem for people with oily skin. An excess of oil combined with bacteria and dirt can clog the pores and cause blackheads which are unsightly. As you age your skin starts to lose elasticity again your genetics play a role in having large open pores in addition to a bad skin care routine and everyday stresses of life.