How to Control Oily Skin

Stop shine in its tracks with these top five tips for controlling oily skin.

  1. Use the Right Cleanser - What’s the best way to remove excess oil from your face? Wash it off! We recommend you cleanse twice daily, morning and night for the best results with an oil-free cleanser that is developed uniquely to be used as a cleanser for oily skin. Cleansing keeps the skin clean and prevent those unwanted breakouts. It’s important not to use harsh cleansing techniques. You don’t want to strip the skin of its natural moisture, as it will lead to your sebaceous glands producing excess oil. The best way to cleanse is to massage the cleanser in small circles on the skin for 30 seconds and wash off with luke-warm water.
  1. Absorb excess oil with a Mask - Oily skin masks are a perfect way of absorbing excess oil and mattifying. The Aspect Exfoliating Clay Mask is great for those with excess oil flow as it contains Salicylic acid, helping to absorb excess oil and rebalancing the skin. You’ll find more masks to control excess oil here.
  1. Use the right Moisturiser - Oily skin needs to be moisturised! Moisturising with an oily skin moisturiser will keep the skin hydrated and will prevent the skin from drying. Oily skin dries out just as other skin types do, however they tend to get excess oil flow as the sebaceous glands produce natural oils to overcome the dryness. A matte moisturiser works to hydrate the skin and prevent excess oil flow, which creates a shine on the skin.
  1. Mattifying Makeup - Looking for a matte finish makeup that lasts? Try an anti-shine mattifier or finishing powder to control oil and absorb excess surface oil that appears on top of your makeup.
  1. Blot the Shine Away by Blotting your oily skin! Perfect for when you’re out and about. Blotting papers are great for quickly removing excess oil, leaving your skin shine-free. The Jane Iredale Blotting Papers are the perfect handbag/clutch size in a rose gold compact.
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