How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is simple, and necessary in looking after your brushes to give them the longest life possible. Here are two simple ways of cleaning your brushes:

How to Quickly Clean Your Makeup Brushes Using a Solution Spray
You'll need a brush cleaning solution spray, a tissue, and your brushes.

Step One: Spray the solution directly onto the top of the brush.How-To-Clean-Makeup-Brush-1

Step Two: Wipe the brush onto the tissue. Repeat step one and two until no more residue appears on the tissue. How-To-Clean-Makeup-Brush-2


How to Thoroughly Clean Your Makeup Brushes Using a Shampoo. 
You'll need a hydrating shampoo/anti-bacterial soap, a towel, and your brushes.

Step One: Rinse your brush under running water or in a bowl of water. Continue until the water runs clear.Hot-To-CleanBrushes-3

Step Two: Apply a small amount of anti bacterial soap with a hydrating shampoo to the brush and gently massage. Rinse each brush until the water runs clear.Hot-To-CleanBrushes-4

Step Three: Use a towel to fold dry the brushes. Leave overnight to completely dry.Hot-To-CleanBrushes-5

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