Hairstyling Hacks for the Busy Woman

Easy to follow along hairstyling hacks.

Find yourself recreating the same hairstyles every day, because you don't have time to try something new?

Every woman wants to have amazing quality hair. The downside to having fabulous hair is that it takes time to make it look a certain way.  You could always buy functional affordable hair styling tools to give yourself the best DIY experience. We have six hairstyling hacks for you.

Here are our top six hairstyling hacks...

1 - Beach waves in under 5 minutes! Section hair in half, twist the two sections and blast with your hair dryer (on maximum  heat).

2 - Don’t have time to wash your hair? Use dry shampoo on roots to matte oil and add volume.

3 - Create curls overnight. Plait hair the night before to wake up with flawless curls.

4 - Spray a toothbrush with hairspray to tame fly-aways.

5 - Use a sea salt spray to add volume and texture to flat or dull hair.

6 - Fake a longer pony tail in three easy steps...

Now you have a time-saving hairstyle hack and fabulous looking hair. You won't break the bank and can use a different look for almost every day of the week.

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