Did you know? The adult body is made up of over 100 trillion cells, with every square inch of the body containing around 19 million skin cells! With this in mind, the experts at Miss Vitality were determined to bridge the gap between health and wellbeing by developing an innovative health system.

Miss Vitality nutritional supplements are built on two core ranges. The cleansing range works to detoxify your system and boost energy while offering countless other benefits. The hero in the Miss Vitality Cleansing Range is the Miss Vitality Clean Tea, which is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The Clean Tea is the perfect way to get a healthy start to the day, while offering a healthy alternative to regular coffee and tea. The key ingredients that make Miss Vitality Clean Tea a daily essential include Rosehips which are packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C & Lemongrass to stimulate the cleansing of the liver and Peppermint to soothe digestion.

Miss Vitality Elevate works in synergy with Clean Tea, by providing nutritional antioxidants such as organic greens and red phytonutrients. These super foods help in reducing the acidity in the body, assists with gut health and integrity, while providing your body with extra vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes.


Miss Vitality

Our absolute favourite Miss Vitality cleansing product is the Miss Vitality Good Oil. Forget your typical essential fatty acid tablets (EFAs) which often have a fishy scent or after-taste. Miss Vitality Good Oil capsules contain an ultra-pure and potent dose of 1000mg of fish oil, without any fishy aftertaste. Concentrated doses of omega-3s are best known for:

• benefiting the nervous system,

• increasing oxygen in blood cells, improving skin, hair and nails,

• promoting brain development and health,

• assisting with balancing hormones,

• supporting the skin's inflammatory response, and

• maintaining cell integrity and relieving symptoms of impaired skin

Miss Vitality’s second core range is the Miss Vitality Anti-Ageing Range, which is formulated to promote vitality whilst protecting the skin from free-radical damage.

Miss Vitality Illumination Formula is the hero of the Miss Vitality Anti-Ageing Range and offers powerful anti-oxidant support. Being a skin food multivitamin, the Illumination Formula contains 150 mcg of Selenium as well as other immune modulating vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Ideal for those with a stressed immune system, the Miss Vitality Illumination Formula helps to reduce severity of infections whilst also perfect for simply maintaining and ensuring healthy antioxidant activity. Miss Vitality Co-Enzyme Q10 helps in maintaining healthy cell membranes, cell integrity and function.

The key ingredient in Co-Enzyme Q10 is Vitamin E, which assists in skin repair and the slowing of the ageing process. The Resveratrol formula by Miss Vitality compliments the Co-Enzyme formula by providing the body with a rich anti-ageing phytonutrient. With 100mg of Resveratrol in each capsule, the anti-ageing antioxidant works to slow the ageing process, promote healthy joint function whilst supporting the immune system.

Working deeper than the aesthetics of your hair, skin and nails, Miss Vitality Curcumin Forte is a premium extract of curcumin (Turmeric) that works as a fast-acting anti-inflammatory, perfect for those with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, skin complaints and skin disorders. A holistic take on Curcumin Forte shows that with continued use the body becomes more alkaline.   


Miss Vitality Nutrition is now available online at Alive Skin + Hair.