Transform Your Skin this Summer with Cosmedix and SkinCeuticals

Winter tends to leave our skin looking and feeling dry and aged. As we move into summer, the changes in temperature and humidity can aggravate the skin further. This makes spring the perfect time to shake up your skincare routine, leaving you with a fresh face for the warm months ahead.


Here’s a look at the skincare products we’re using this season. Whether you’re after something to add moisture, clear up blemishes, or reduce fine lines, let’s get our skin summer-ready!


Cosmedix Clarity Serum

Our go-to for treating and soothing oily, congested, and breakout-prone skin. With salicylic acid, tea tree oil and willow herb, Cosmedix Clarity Serum works to gently cleanse away impurities, while balancing the skin’s oil production. Cooling aloe vera helps calm the redness and irritation common to problematic skin, and reduces any extra aggravation that can come with the change in seasons.


A premium product, but the high concentration of active ingredients in Cosmedix Clarity Serum means a little goes a long way, giving you value for money.


No skin routine is complete without sun protection, so make sure to follow your morning serum application with a sunscreen that won’t undo your skin-clearing efforts. Cosmedix Reflect Natural Sunscreen is our pick; the first ever titanium-based, chemical free sunscreen, with SPF 15 protection. This oil free spray-on sunscreen is ideal for sensitive, reactive skin, and the addition of antioxidants further protect the skin from aging.


SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 and 1.0

Sun damage. We all have it, be it freckles on your face in your 20s, or fine lines creeping up on you in your 40s. Enter SkinCeuticals Retinol Cream: designed with anti-aging in mind, retinol is a form of vitamin A, an active ingredient you’ll find in only the best anti-aging formulas. The high concentration of retinol actively reduces the appearance of everything from crows feet, smile lines and other deep-set wrinkles, to uneven skin tone and discolouration, while also treating blemishes.


Available in two highly stable concentrations, the Skinceuticals Retinol face creams have been formulated with optimum delivery technologies for maximum effectiveness for results you can see, and minimal skin irritation.


Speak to your GP before using a high concentration of retinol on your skin. Once given the go-ahead, stop the sun damage that comes between spring and summer by supplementing your retinol cream with SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30.


Other Skincare Favourites for Spring

Here’s what else we’re indulging our skin with this season.

Jane Iredale Facial Spritz Hydration Spray – D20

If winter has left you with dry flaky skin, this spray will be your savior. Floral and fruity Ylang Ylang repels evaporation, staying on your skin’s surface for longer to keep it hydrated and plump. Perfect for dry climates, plane trips, and to nourish the skin after a laser treatment in preparation for the summer.


Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask

Naturally derived cranberry enzymes and lactic acid serves to gently remove skin impurities and clear blocked pores, leaving dry skin looking lovely and dewy. With oil-free moisturising agents, this non-drying formula is ideal for breakout-prone skin.



SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque

This utilises the same award-winning technology as SkinCeuticals’ Hydrating B5 Gel, but with a 50% higher concentration of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Hyaluronic acid may sound harsh, but it’s actually a hydrating component inherent to our skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF).


Say goodbye to dry and damaged winter skin with the Cosmedix Clarity Serum and SkinCeuticals Retinol cream. With FREE shipping for orders over $89.00, head to our online store to start your skin spring-clean today!

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