Cleansing 101

Cleansing is a vital part of your daily skincare regimen, eradicating environmental grime, dead skin cells, skincare product and makeup from the surface of the skin. Here's your ultimate guide...

Cleansing not only removes environmental dirt but also removes excess oil and dead skin cells that can bind together to block the opening of pores. When pores are blocked acne bacteria can build up under the surface of the skin creating pimples. So, what's the best way to clean my skin?

Single Cleanse by Morning, Double Cleanse by Night.

Best practice involves a single cleanse in the morning and a double cleanse in the evening, however those with oily skin may want to double morning and night. Double cleansing is vital in the evening, the first to remove makeup and skin products and the second to remove pollution, oil and dead skin cells which are often invisible to the naked eye. The skin surface is left completely clean after the second cleanse, ready to absorb your skincare.

Gel, foam, milk, balm and creams… which formulation is right for me?

The formulation of your cleanser is totally dependant on your skin condition, skin type and lifestyle choices. Generally cleansing gels, foaming cleansers and cleansing bars are better suited to oily skins that have a greater buildup of oil on the surface. These can be a little drying for a normal / dry skin.

Quite often cleansing gels that contain acids such as salicylic, mandelic, lactic or glycolic will give the cleanser a deep exfoliating action. These should be used on oilier skins, as they can be very drying.

Cleansing milks and creams are better suited to sensitive, normal, dry or mature skins as they are gentler on the skin.

It is also important to choose a cleanser that is suited to your lifestyle so that you maintain the regular daily use without too much effort. Gel and foaming cleansers are great to use in the shower and an excellent option if you prefer something that is quick and easy.

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