Beauty Basics 101

  1. August 22, 2020

    Top 5 daily moisturisers with hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles

    The heat in summer and the cold in winter can make fine lines and wrinkles more visible, especially if your skin doesn’t get a proper hydration level. This is why you should use a lightweight moisturiser even when it’s very hot outside. 

    We often talk about hyaluronic acid when we want to increase skin hydration. But what is this acid, and how can it help? Let’s find out the details and the top 5 moisturisers with hyaluronic acid that can fill in wrinkles!

    What is hyaluronic acid?

    Hyaluronic acid gained popularity due to its hydration properties, but also because it is a safe ingredient with a low risk to trigger allergies. 

    A chemical analysis of hyaluronic acid tells us that this is a molecule present in all conjunctive tissues of human beings. We find high concentrations of hyaluronic acid in our joints, the eyes, but also in the umbilical cord or in the walls of the aorta. 

    Hyaluronic acid was officially disco

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  2. August 15, 2020

    Skincare secrets for night owls

    Did you know that some consider that sleep is the best dermatologist? Well, beauty sleep is real, as if you didn’t already know. And there is a reason why Sleeping Beauty was so beautiful.

    When we sleep, the skin goes into repair mode. And there are plenty of studies showing how a lack of sleep can be associated with unhealthy looking skin and even an accelerated skin aging process. The lack of sleep and excessive exposure to UV rays are among the most damaging factors when it comes to skin health.

    But sometimes you just can’t help it. The lack of sleep, we mean. It could be either that you need to pull an all-nighter to study for your exams, or that you just have to go to that party or function. After a certain age, the night owls are usually tired moms that seemed to have found the secret to functioning with just 3-4 hours per night.

    The lack of sleep can lead to dark circles around the eyes, as well as puffy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, and oth

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  3. July 25, 2020

    Cleansing products with anti-ageing ingredients

    The facial cleanser is one of the most important skincare products in your daily routine. And even if you don’t have the time or the energy to use different types of serums and boosters every day, you still need to clean your face when you wake up and before going to bed. 

    Long gone are the days when cleaning the face was all about cold water and soap. Modern-day cleansing products are rich in moisturizing ingredients, and some of them also have anti-aging properties.

    So, if you don’t have the time for complex skincare treatments, you could choose a cleansing product with anti-ageing ingredients to reap all the benefits.

    How to choose a good cleansing product

    Do you know what the ingredients to look for in a cleansing product are? Well, most people are not fully aware of the difference between active and inactive ingredients in skincare.

    If you used to choose your cleansing foam or gel only considering the cost and what the

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  4. July 01, 2020

    Top 5 ingredients to look for in your daily moisturiser

    How do you choose your daily moisturiser? You probably tried what your friend uses, and you were not so over the moon as she was. Celebrities mostly recommend products they are paid to use (advertising)!

    One moisturiser promises to help you get rid of pigmentation spots. Another one claims to be the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin. Another one sounds like it could give you that much-needed boost of hydration for dry skin. Some contain amino acids, fatty acids, free radicals, some are for sensitive skin........and the list could go on for pages.

    The reality is that moisturisers are not created equal. Some do their job; others don’t. Some are good for your skin; others trigger breakouts.

    In summary, it is a real challenge to understand it all! So, where do you turn to when you need help with the best moisturiser for your skin type? The product label, of course!

    The product label is a good starting point; however, the ingredients list can be rather c

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  5. June 10, 2020

    How to find THE perfect foundation

    The struggle is real when it comes to foundation. There are so many things that could go wrong with it – it could rub on our clothes, be too dark or too light for our skin tone, it can even make our pores look larger.

    The role of foundation is to even the skin, hide certain imperfections, and get us compliments such as “your skin looks amazing” not “your foundation is great.” Ideally, the perfect foundation should look like we’re not wearing any. Talking about a quest for the Holy Grail! So, how to find THE perfect foundation?

    1. Consider your skin type

    As usual, it all starts and ends with your skin type. For oily skin, it is ideal to choose a water-based foundation and a matte finish. A mineral foundation can absorb the excess sebum better than a liquid one, so you might want to try Youngblood Pressed Min

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  6. May 31, 2020

    10 Rules for healthy hair

    Everybody has a bad hair day occasionally. If this day turns into a week, a month, or even longer, it might be a sign you are not doing the right thing by your hair. Here are ten rules to follow if you want healthy, gorgeous looking hair!

    1. Don’t wash your hair too often

    If you’re always looking for shampoos for daily use, you should know that your hair will appreciate it if you give it a break from time to time. This doesn’t mean that you should go to work with greasy hair or hair that smells bad. However, if the hair is ok, it is better to avoid daily washing. What you could do instead is become friends with dry shampoo. Dry shampoo can absorb oils in the scalp and hair and make it look great for longer. Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo is a good choice if you’re worried

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  7. March 21, 2020

    8 Eye creams that make a difference


    Do we really need an eye cream when we’re already using a moisturising cream? Couldn’t we just use the same cream? In short, the answer is no. Paying special attention to the skin in the eye area is essential for your beauty routine, especially if you are in your 30s or older. The skin in this area is very delicate and prone to wrinkles and fine lines. A good eye cream is an irreplaceable product for the modern woman, not a whim.

    What you should know about eye creams is that they are ophthalmologically tested, and don’t contain ingredients that can cause irritation. A good eye cream is gentle but highly efficient. Another vital thing to mention about eye creams is that, in most cases, the miracle doesn’t happen overnight. This means that you should use them regularly, according to the indications on the label, for at least three to six months to see results.


    What to look for in an eye cream:

    - Comfort for the eyes Just like the pro

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  8. February 24, 2020

    Essential vitamins for radiant skin

    Radiant skin is the result of a good skin regimen coupled with a great diet. Avoiding highly processed foods and unhealthy fats is vital for healthy skin. Several studies performed over the years show that there are essential nutrients that can prevent the premature aging of the skin. These nutrients should come from two sources: your beauty rituals and the foods you eat. When there is a good balance, the skin is radiant, youthful-looking, and glowing.

    All the vitamins and minerals that our skin needs can be found in nature. Fresh fruit and vegetables should be an important part of your diet. At the same time, the skincare products you choose should support the beneficial effects your diet has on the skin. Most skin conditions, such as premature wrinkles, acne, inflammation, and irritation, can be signs of an improper diet with not enough vitamins and nutrients. Here are the essential vitamins you need for radiant skin:

    1. Vitamin C

    One of the

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  9. January 27, 2020

    Glycolic acid – the best friend for oily and combination skin

    Glycolic acid is an ingredient renowned for its anti-aging properties and can be found in many skincare products. So, if your aim is a youthful, fresh, and smooth complexion, it is probably the time to give it a try!

    What is glycolic acid?

    Glycolic acid is part of the alpha-hydroxy acids’ category. Basically, it is a fruit-derived acid. Dermatologists and skincare therapists have been using it for years in anti-aging therapies and to treat pigmentation spots and post-acne scars. Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin eliminating dead cells and promoting cellular renewal. Hence it confers a glowing, rejuvenated, and visibly smoother skin. The main benefit of using glycolic acid to treat different skin conditions is that it is suitable for all skin types, including dry skin. It has a gentle action, compared to other kinds of acids that can trigger skin sensitivities and irritation. If you suffer from rosacea or you have highly reactive skin, you should, h

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  10. December 09, 2019

    Get rid of blackheads overnight with these simple ideas

    Even the brightest complexion can struggle with the occurrence of blackheads from time to time. Blackheads and pimples are usually a big issue for teenagers, but not only for them. Hormonal imbalances, as well as dust and stress, can leave their marks on our skin, and blackheads can occur. Most women and men are confronted with visible blackheads or pimples at one moment or the other in their lives. From an aesthetic point of view, this can be rather unpleasant, even if they are not real medical issues. And we all know that once you spotted a pimple or blackhead, it can be complicated not to obsess about it. However, it is important to know that there are fast and easy methods to get rid of blackheads overnight. 


    What are blackheads?

    Blackheads are actually large, open pores that have been clogged with sebum. The sebum can solidify and oxidize, resulting in a substance that looks black or dark grey. To quickly and efficiently eliminate

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