Beard Maintenance: Beard Growing Tips

Beard maintenance is a constant drain of time and effort for every man who aspires to grow and groom some luscious face fuzz. Not only have they already read every guide named ‘how to grow a beard’, but they would also be able to rattle off an extensive list of issues and irritations in keeping their beard thick, full and lustrous. Were here to help you out with some of our favourite beard growing tips:

  • Applying beard oil such as Milkman’s King of Wood Oil to is the perfect way to get rid of that irritating itch and dryness. Running this oil through beard will protect the skin, moisturise the face as well as lubricate and soften the beard, an all round beard maintenance solution, leaving you the with perfect beard hair.
  • Just like your head of hair, your beard also needs a regular shampoo and condition and this will rid any excess oils and clean the area leaving you with a shiny nourished beard.
  • Using the right tools to groom and shape your beard is a MUST when trying to achieve the perfect look.  Milkman offers a range of brushes and combs, which are truly your beards best friend when grooming your out of place whiskers.
  • Once you have styled your beard to just how you like it use a beard balm to help it stay that way, not only holding it in position but also giving it a natural glow and perfect texture. If you’re looking for a balm you can’t go past Milkman’s Beard Candy which is truly a sweet treat your beard will thank you for.

Thanks for reading our beard maintenance guide! We hope our beard growing tips will help you along the way to a well groomed patch of facial hair that you can be proud of!

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