90s Beauty Trends That Are Hot Right Now

If there were ever a time you thought you'd re-emerge from the beauty box, you probably wouldn't say the 90's. I mean, what was with our obsession with unusual up-dos, styling baby hairs and horrendous lip-liner/lipstick makeup combinations?

We'll, I'm here to tell you that the 90's weren't all that bad... In fact, we've got 7 of the top 90’s beauty trends that are making a major comeback with their so-hot-right-now vibes!

Heavy Side PArt

  1. Start your 90’s beauty transformation with a full side part. It's all or nothing with this hairstyle, so tilt your head, comb it over and add some evo salty dog for a more authentic "I woke up like this" texturised look.


  1. Matte Makeup. Personally, matte is my thing. I just love it. However, these days it's a lot simpler to achieve than back in the day with fiddly 90’s makeup. With the introduction of mineral mattifiers, Hi-Def Powders and Youngblood’s new limited edition collection of delicious  Matte Lipsticks, you too can easily recreate this fabulous 90’s beauty trend at home.

crimped hair

  1. The Crimp. Yep, I said it. The epitome of 90’s fashion, everybody who was anybody was sporting the crimp. From the likes of Britney Spears to Beyoncé, from Melissa Joan Hart to Hillary Duff, and from Christina Aguilera to Mariah Carey – everybody loved the crimp. However, what we like now is more of a Wavy Crimp, nothing like those tight kinks that used to give your hair legs of its own. A wavy, textured crimp looks stunning when it's done right. We use Cloud Nine Wide Iron and evo salty dog for a more natural look, much like 90's Lindsay Lohan (above). If you'd like to get your Lindsay on, you'll also enjoy our guide to Textured Waves.


  1. Berry Lips.  If dark berry isn't your thing, then experiment with a lighter berry such as Marsala.  This 90’s makeup addition works well with dark eyes and gold accessories. It's also super chic and perfect for your Saturday night!


  1. Vamp Nails. Personally, one of my all time favourite beauty trends of the 90's and dare I say it, I think I've always kept some sort of vamp-esque berry shade in my lacquer collection.


  1. Natural Golden Eyes. I love this one as a day-to-day addition, as it’s minimal effort to add a subtle & glow shimmer through your eyes. Looking back, I wish we had trio style compacts like Jane Iredale Pressed Eye Shadow Trio to give us that chic 90’s Mariah Carey beauty look (which was a good thing!).


  1. Oh how I loved my Caboodle... Sigh! The good news is that these sweet, sweet boxes of pure joy are no longer available. Looking back, they are pretty hideous and kind of like a tackle box for girls. The good news is that you'll find a chic makeup box online pretty easily these days! P.S Caboodles are definitely not hot right now, but simply a memory too good not to include...

And there you have it! 7 beauty trends from the 90’s that are so hot right now they should definitely be making a comeback in your life!

Did we miss anything? What else do you think – whether it’s 90’s beauty trends, makeup or fashion – should we have included? Comment away!

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