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  1. July 25, 2020

    Cleansing products with anti-ageing ingredients

    The facial cleanser is one of the most important skincare products in your daily routine. And even if you don’t have the time or the energy to use different types of serums and boosters every day, you still need to clean your face when you wake up and before going to bed. 

    Long gone are the days when cleaning the face was all about cold water and soap. Modern-day cleansing products are rich in moisturizing ingredients, and some of them also have anti-aging properties.

    So, if you don’t have the time for complex skincare treatments, you could choose a cleansing product with anti-ageing ingredients to reap all the benefits.

    How to choose a good cleansing product

    Do you know what the ingredients to look for in a cleansing product are? Well, most people are not fully aware of the difference between active and inactive ingredients in skincare.

    If you used to choose your cleansing foam or gel only considering the cost and what the

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  2. July 08, 2020

    Glowing complexion after 40 - tips and tricks

    If you have seen Sex and the City (and if you didn’t, you should!), then you know that life starts at 40. But it is actually about feeling good in your skin, whatever your age might be. 

    With the years passing by, we start noticing the first signs of aging at the level of the skin. We are talking about pigmentation spots, dullness, fine lines around the eyes, less firmness, to mention just a few. Fortunately, there are some rules (let’s call them tips and tricks!) that you can follow to have glowing complexion even after 40 years old! 

    Start an evening beauty routine

    Your skin is maturing, just like you. It is a natural process, and it can’t be stopped. However, starting an evening routine can help you erase a few years from your face. If you want to look 40 years old even in your 60s, now would be a good time to start pampering your skin in the evenings too.

    Just think of this as another five minutes you are giving to yours

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  3. July 01, 2020

    Top 5 ingredients to look for in your daily moisturiser

    How do you choose your daily moisturiser? You probably tried what your friend uses, and you were not so over the moon as she was. Celebrities mostly recommend products they are paid to use (advertising)!

    One moisturiser promises to help you get rid of pigmentation spots. Another one claims to be the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin. Another one sounds like it could give you that much-needed boost of hydration for dry skin. Some contain amino acids, fatty acids, free radicals, some are for sensitive skin........and the list could go on for pages.

    The reality is that moisturisers are not created equal. Some do their job; others don’t. Some are good for your skin; others trigger breakouts.

    In summary, it is a real challenge to understand it all! So, where do you turn to when you need help with the best moisturiser for your skin type? The product label, of course!

    The product label is a good starting point; however, the ingredients list can be rather c

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