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  1. January 19, 2016

    Which Makeup Primer Should You Use?

    Makeup primers work as a base for your foundation, giving you longer lasting perfect skin. Makeup primers are an absolute godsend when trying to control excess shine and achieving a smoother complexion. Basically, if you haven’t been using a makeup primer, then you’re missing out! Apply makeup primer to dry, clean skin before applying makeup. There are also many primers than can be used before and after makeup application to help control shine – perfect for those with oily skin.

    Makeup primers come in various formulations and finishes, however the most common are powdered primers, cream primers, pressed primers and gel liquid primers. Whether you wear a full face of makeup each day, or keep it simple with a tinted BB cream and lip balm, a primer is your new best friend! 

    But, which makeup primer should you be using?


    Perfect for all skin types. Those with dry or mature skin will benefit from a liquid primer most.

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  2. January 01, 2016

    New Year Beauty Resolutions

    Make a New Year resolution that counts!  Start the year with good intentions and follow them through. What better resolutions to make than in your beauty and skincare department?


    Using your mobile phone is a large part of most of our lives, however its constant use can result in nasty bacteria breeding on its surface. Continuing to answer your mobile can allow this bacteria to come in direct contact with your face. These bacteria can not only be harmful to your health, but also increase the likelihood of breakouts. 

    Resolution: Use anti-bacterial wipes to remove bacteria from your phone.


    You know the benefits of good sun-care, but you still absolutely love your moisturiser - even though it completely lacks an SPF. Get your hands on some Free Skincare Samples and discover your new favourite moisturiser with SPF built-in. You’ll protect y

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