1. March 21, 2018

    Scented Candle Gifts: Choosing the Perfect Scented Jar Candle

    Choosing the Perfect Scented Candle Gifts Struggling to find the perfect gift? We’ve got something to please even the fussiest gift recipients. Whether you’re creating a hamper for a loved one, shopping for a…
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  2. February 09, 2017

    Protect your skin against pollution

    Did you know, ground-level ozone generates free radicals and enzymes that compromise the skin's protective barrier? This being said, just a few hours of smog exposure can reduce natural antioxidant Vitamin E in skin by 25% which can cause…
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  3. December 23, 2016

    Transform your skin in 2017 with Skinstitut

    We all love setting goals and resolutions at the end of each year to improve our health, wellbeing and happiness for the year ahead. However, sometimes these resolutions are not always practical or simply go by the wayside when work and family…
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  4. December 23, 2016

    Alpha-H Review: Vitamin B

    Vitamin B has been gaining momentum in the beauty industry for some time now. In particular, Nicotinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3 (Niacin), because of its proven ability to strengthen the epidermis which allows for higher and longer moisture…
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  5. November 03, 2016

    Dermalogica Review: Phyto Replenish Oil

    I’ve always believed there was no such thing as a non-oily facial oil… until now! Dermalogica’s latest innovation in treatment oils has been formulated to give your dull, tired skin an all-day dewy glow. Although it may seem that…
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  6. October 17, 2016

    Five Rules for Healthy Nails

    Ditch the brittle, and get beautiful nails. Follow these easy five nail commandments for strong, flawless nails.   1 - KEEP YOUR HANDS HYDRATED, ALWAYS!  Avoid dry patches, flakiness, splitting and…
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  7. September 22, 2016

    Elevating Nutrition with Miss Vitality

    Did you know? The adult body is made up of over 100 trillion cells, with every square inch of the body containing around 19 million skin cells! With this in mind, the experts at Miss Vitality were determined to bridge the gap between…
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  8. September 16, 2016

    Achieve Weekend-Ready Brows

    If there’s anyone that knows how to achieve weekend ready brows in minutes, it’s the experts at Jane Iredale Makeup. Scroll for the Jane Iredale three-step guide for perfect eyebrows everytime. STEP 1 – JANE…
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  9. August 14, 2016

    The Hair Reviving Diet for Lustrous Locks

    Every wonder why, despite everything you do, your hair just doesn’t cut it? We delve into the holistic approach to looking-good that is taking the beauty world by storm.   1 – NEED REPAIR? ADD PROTEIN!…
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  10. June 23, 2016

    Aspect Review: Fruit Enzyme Mask

    If you’re like me, you would have noticed that ‘enzymes’ seem to be the flavour of the month for both clinic treatments and skincare products. With some enzyme based products reading more like a food label, it is difficult to separate the…
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